Device Nonny

v2.0.1 – available since 16.12.2021

  • FIX: Minor updates and fixes

v2.0.0 – available since 15.11.2021

  • NEW: Content box feature
    • Adds the ability to receive photos from loved ones directly on the Nonny
    • Offers the possibility to display photos using an automated slideshow viewer
    • Added a new “photo” preferences pane that lets the user configure enabled / disabled state, how many times a photo is shown and for how long it is displayed
    • Added an incoming photo dialog with a specific sound (which rings for 10 seconds if auto answer is not enabled and 6 seconds if auto answer is enabled)
    • Added remote configuration for content box enabled state
  • UPDATE: Moved auto answer delay from call settings panel to contacts setting panel
  • FIX: Fixes related to incoming call / outgoing call dialog configurations

v1.7.3 – available since 02.06.2021

  • FIX: Updated battery state in the contact info panel to reflect real battery state (together with a percentage and charging / discharging states if available – requires v1.7.3 version on the Nonny as well)

v1.7.2 – available since 06.04.2021

  • FIX: Updated ID fetching system – included solution with saving a file from the setup script and reading it from the app

v1.7.1 – available since 22.03.2021

  • FIX: Fixed the way device ID is fetched from the system

v1.7.0 – available since 02.03.2021

  • NEW: Flash screen during incoming calls settings options
  • UPDATE: Larger Accept / Reject buttons on incoming call
  • UPDATE: Added option to automatically select video quality based on available bandwidth
  • FIX: WiFi connection stability improvements when the device is connected to a 5GHz network
  • FIX: WiFi connectivity improvements when trying to remove a network
  • FIX: Removed erroneous messaging during outgoing calls and improved call state feedback

v1.6.1 – available since 16.11.2020

  • FIX: Fixed night mode not working on newer Android versions

v1.6.0 – available since 12.08.2020

  • NEW: Added ability to reorder contacts from the configuration menu
  • NEW: Added option to lock configuration under a password → from Screen settings
  • NEW: Added option to hide “Cancel” call button until connected to the call
  • NEW: Locked SIM (PIN & PUK) detection and messaging when detected
  • EW: Implemented night mode option in Screen Settings
    • ability to automatically follow sunrise / sunset times based on location
    • manual configuration of time and night mode brightness level (screen dimming)
    • option to turn off screen instead of dimming
  • NEW: Added a volume booster option in the calls section that can add up to 6dB gain
  • UPDATE: Display mode of grid UI when there are less than 4 contacts

v1.5.1 – available since 29.04.2020

  • NEW: Added shutdown buttons during initial configuration & device profile dialog for soft shutdown
  • FIX: Fixed hiding the navigation bar only partially
  • FIX: Volume bar would start at 0 volume

v1.5.0 – available since 22.04.2020

  • NEW: Custom volume UI – intercept volume buttons and display custom UI

v1.4.1 – available since 03.04.2020

  • UPDATE: Updated WiFi caching mechanism, improved responsiveness and user feedback
  • FIX: Updated wizard state when entering manual APN settings configuration.
  • FIX: Fixed issues related to MNC and MCC detection

v1.4.0 – available since 23.03.2020

  • NEW: Added the ability to change the auto answer delay time (Instant – 20 seconds)
  • NEW: Added the ability to load remote profile information
  • NEW: Initial mobile SIM APN configuration support
  • NEW: Added forget option and status updates on WiFi listing
  • NEW: Added a message when the users enters a wrong WiFi password
  • UPDATE: Changed the media channel for ringing and ringtone to MUSIC / MEDIA
  • UPDATE: Updated the way captive portals are handled, the implementation now relies on Android capabilities of detecting this kind of networks
  • UPDATE: Target SDK set to Android 9 (support for M10 tablets in progress)
  • FIX: Fixed issues related to camera orientation when taking photos.
  • FIX: Send an initial battery update during app start, not only on delta changes that will trigger a battery status change

v1.3.0 – 02.10.2019: initial release

Nonny Client

Current minimum Android supported version: Android 5.0 Lollipop

v1.4.0 – available since July 11, 2020

  • NEW: Added a new Settings option for Nonny contacts (visible only for Family & Admin roles)
  • NEW: Ability for admin clients to update the following information of a Nonny:
    • view & update contacts list
    • reorder contacts list
    • change role for a certain contact
    • invite contacts for a Nonny
    • view & update profile information (name & picture)
    • view & update video quality for the Nonny
  • NEW: Ability for family and admin clients to view the following information of a Nonny:
    • view advanced profile information:
      • Nonny ID
      • Nonny password
      • Minutes left
      • Battery level
      • Device ID
  • FIX: Fixed some images loading sideways from the gallery

v1.3.0 – available since March 20, 2020

  • NEW: You can now update the profile picture of a Nonny if you’re a family contact;
  • NEW: For a better video experience, you can now tap to hide all information displayed during an active call
  • Bug fixing

v1.2.0 – available since September 9, 2019

  • NEW: Implemented video quality selection based on what is selected on the Nonny side
  • NEW: Implemented support for low minutes notification
  • Bug fixing

v1.1.0 – October 2, 2019: initial release.